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Feeding time at the shop!
Shop Dog: Rosie O'Doggie
May 10, 1992 to February 6, 2009
A brief history of the Bichon Frise
New Photos! 
Baby Rosie and Luther Purrbank
Rosie O'Doggie in her basket, in her house, and  looking out the front door...
I know you miss your little kipper, she was so full of joy she spread it like California summer sun. Her running and hiding act put a smile on the grumpiest face. A little white blur ball jumping three times her height just in her stride, up on the couch then freeze for a second high on the back. Big black eyes alert with mischief draped with those curly white ears. Running the backyard cat kingdom with pert attention and deep wet ear licks. Always with a sense of purpose and great energy.
When she lost her mobility her magic disappeared and it was then watching her try her old ways that made me sad and made her yelp with pain. Now I hope she’s running and jumping the way she created her magic. It is a beautiful thing. Good bye Rosie my little friend.
Rosie with Meghann & Radha...